The fact that everyone is supporting Kim Yuna is more valuable than any medal. It is global acknowledgement of her skills.

“$250 for a meet and greet? You better get to suck their dick or something” — my mom (via christmasbarakat)

  • spring: black clothes
  • summer: black clothes
  • autumn: black clothes
  • winter: black clothes


HOYA @ 131013 INFINITE OGS IN TAIPEI (cr.Burninghoya)
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Choom Top teaches you how to ride the motorbike with swag

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130929 Suvarnabhumi airport
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K-pop and its influences (survey: please help)


Hello every K-pop fan out there!
My name is Gülsah and I am a K-pop fan from Germany.
Currently, I am writing an essay about K-pop and its influence on people. For this I created a survey. I would be so so thankful if you could spend about 10 minutes of your time and fill the…

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orz i didn’t think this convo could get better… but then Tablo replied


131030 One Great Step in Shanghai
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